We've only got one world

The Mermaid London is a renowned central London venue specializing in conferences, exhibitions and corporate events. While we represent the beating heart of the capital city of London, we recognise as a business that our operations have an effect on local, regional and the global environment.

As a consequence of this, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution wherever possible. This starts from the way we plan and organise our events, to the resources supplied to help you, the help we ask for from our partners, to the way we operate when our delegates leave the building and our (LED) lights are dimmed.

We pride ourselves on making our clients' events come to life - and we're committed now more than ever to help you meet your own sustainability goals.

There's only one Mermaid London - and we've only got one world. 

Our sustainability policies

What do we do about it?

  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers
  • Work with suppliers and contractors to develop more environmental and sustainable practices
  • Promote public transport to staff, clients and delegates
  • Meet the requirements of all relevant legislation
  • Design energy efficiency into new building/spaces and manage energy use in all operations thus reduce our energy consumption by 10%
  • Introduced LED Lighting
  • Introduced PIR Light and Ventilation controls

Let's talk about the toilets:

  • LED Lighting
  • PIR Light and Ventilation controls
  • Cystermiser controlled urinal flush which is only activated when urinals are used
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Energy efficient hand dryers, removing the paper towel dispensers

Our sustainability partners

To find out more about our partners, including our recent Greengage Gold Award accreditation, click on the buttons below.

The Mermaid London strives to be an environmentally responsible venue, so it makes sense that we only work with service providers who share our green morals. This starts with our complete technical solutions company, White Light, who constantly identify the most efficient use of equipment for our event organisers and delegates, from its delivery, storage, and usage, to ensure the carbon footprint produced at our events is minimal. 

Our catering partners, Seasoned, source their ingredients locally and remain focused on a vision for developing an eco-friendly system of sustainability in their food chain by driving new ethical and environmental initiatives.

"We are measuring the CO2 that our delivery vehicles omit on their journeys to events and turning them into living, breathing, often fruiting trees. Last year our journeys created 125m2 of newly planted woodland through the Woodland Trust in Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire."

It's not just the way we plan our events that's green-minded, but what we do when our delegates have left the building. Yes, we're talking about waste management. We work with First Mile, London’s only carbon-neutral recycling company, who provide us with monthly reports of our recycling breakdowns and show us the CO2 we have saved. 

The Mermaid & your sustainable event

From conferences to seminars, if you have a corporate event you’d like to plan, let us show you that we're the perfect venue to help meet your sustainability goals.