Brilliant Bonding at The Mermaid London

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2nd August 2018
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21st August 2018

A week on and we have only just recovered! On Friday 27th July The Mermaid London team and business partners were taken out of their comfort zone to take part in a day full of team building challenges that tested logistical knowledge, puzzle solving, pub quiz trivia and dare we say their cooking skills…

What better way to start a Friday morning than an intense brain challenge to ensure everyone was wide awake. Prepared by Green Hat People, teams gathered to partake in what was deemed as a logistical nightmare as your imaginary company’s team quit before a big order was placed. The challenge required for teams to devise a global delivery plan that’s a) cost effective b) arrives by the deadline date and c) avoids no-go areas across the world during sudden crisis that pop up on the game’s tablet. It’s fair to say each teams competitive side came out.

After learning more about each other in an hour than a year of conversation we were set up nicely for our second challenge. Green Hat People organised a team building activity that took the form of an high profile IT hacker blocking you out of your mainframe. The challenge was to complete puzzles and tasks to give clues to answer the final question that’ll either restore your access or block you out forever.

To kick start the afternoon, the team was split into three teams. As the resident cooking show fanatic, it was only fitting that General Manager Alicia Duncan arranged a task that took the form of hit show, MasterChef.

Three courses, three teams and one stressed out Head Chef. The teams received their course and list of ingredients which they used to create three identical dishes for the judges. After the dust settled in the kitchen and the food was tasted, the judges gave their points on presentation, taste and use of ingredients to choose their deserving winner… the main course team.

To end a great day full of fun, laughter and great activities, the team sat down for a classic pub quiz with a cool bottle of beer and glass of fizz in hand.

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