Seasoned special: at-home Christmas food must-haves

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5th December 2023
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Cater like a pro for your family and friends this Christmas with these top treats from our catering partners, Seasoned.

‘Tis the season to be merry, and while we might have been distracted by our company Christmas parties and enjoying celebrating the end of the year with our colleagues and clients, the next thing to consider is going to be what festive treats we can replicate at home.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand soirée for your friends and family, the key to making it unforgettable lies in the delectable delights you serve. Our catering partners, Seasoned, have put together some invaluable advice on selecting the best Christmas party food that will not only tantalize taste buds but impress your Christmas guests.

  1. Bites that sparkle: Some elegant finger food or canapés are always great to serve with drinks as everyone arrives and can encourage a more social, mingling atmosphere than rushing everyone to sit down to a formal starter (also gives you a little longer to finish of the rushing around in the kitchen before everyone can see!). The classics always go down well and look elegant, particularly if you provide a combination that look different. Some examples might be smoked salmon blini, mini-Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and whipped vegan feta on crostini.
  2. Sip and savour: Complement the festive fare with a selection of signature holiday drinks. How about a Gingerbread martini or a Seedlip spice sour and for post the meal some spiked hot chocolate. You could consider setting up a hot chocolate beverage station where guests can help themselves to these delightful additions like different types of alcohol, marshmallows, sprinkles etc.
  3. Main course extravaganza: The centrepiece of any Christmas feast is the main course. Why not consider something a little different this year, but which answers the ongoing debate of turkey or not turkey. Offer a buffet-style spread with diverse options to cover everyone’s tastes. Roast turkey with cranberry sauce, honey-glazed ham, and herb-crusted prime rib are timeless choices that embody the spirit of the season. For vegan and vegetarian alternatives, consider stuffed winter squash or a hearty wild mushroom risotto.
  4. Pudding that dance on the taste buds: Another course where a little of a few things can do down really well, is your pudding. You can always place a selection of smaller portions of a variety of puddings, in the middle of the table and let your guests graze. You could even include a wonderfully retro, but delicious option of a chocolate fondue with an array of dippable delights for an extra interactive experience.

So, go ahead, dive into the spirit of the season, and create a Christmas meal that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Merry festivities to all!


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