Graphics & Branding

Think of our venue as yours, a blank canvas to create an impression that will wow your guests!

Our preferred partner, Jupiter, create inspiring and engaging visual content that communicates the core essence of your brand at your event. The team has a wealth of experience across various creative sectors and have the knowledge, expertise and skills to bring any creative vision to life.

Jupiter has an intimate knowledge of our venue, its intricacies, what works and what doesn’t. You can transform our venue from outside to inside along with highlighting key sponsors, breakouts, exhibition zones and anything from 3D free-standing logos, pillar, window, stair, stage & reception graphics, hanging banner graphics, column wraps and full wall coverings … to name a few.

Jupiter have worked with countless clients to deliver their events, both large and small scale and always offer solutions to suit client requirements.

They’ve been tried and tested by some of the biggest brands and agencies across the world and have always exceeded the client’s expectations.


The Mermaid & your event

Why not drop us a message and let us show you that we’re the perfect partner for your event.