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As January becomes a distant memory and February is off to a flying start we asked ourselves, “what can we expect from food in 2018?” With so many exciting things happening in the world of food these days, it’s hard to keep up! We have had a nosey around and these are some of the food trends that will be make their way to a restaurant, supermarket or market near you.

1. Plant-based diets

This trend seems to be spreading faster than Nutella over a piece of toast! Whether your motivation is from a Blue Planet documentary or the desire to generally feeling healthier, we now more than ever are willing to abandon our carnivorous ways.

There’s a growing global movement to plant-sourced nutrition and more and more producers, retailers and restaurateurs are exploring the notion of plants as a protein source. From pulses like chickpeas and lentils to seeds, nuts, grains, soy and even algae and seaweed, alternative protein sources look set to become a mainstream thing.

Food trends 2018

2. Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is set to reign supreme in 2018’s get-fit trends. The idea behind the Mediterranean diet is simple; eat colourfully, lots of leafy greens, ditch the processed rubbish and stick to lean protein like fish and dairy in moderation.

A Mediterranean diet is more flexible and sustainable in the long term than some of the other trends we are seeing at the moment.

3. Heart-warming broths

There has been allot of hype around the benefits of bone broth and how it is believed to contain many restorative and healing properties.

It can act as a starting block from which to build a diet that encourages healing and restoration from modern ailments such as adrenal fatigue, stress, lacklustre skin and tight joints.

It works fantastically as a base for ramen dishes, organic chicken and meat broths which are brimming with collagen: the medicine of good health and nutrition as well as minerals galore.

4. Go local

In recent years we have seen a huge influx of local produce becoming rather trendy. We all seem to have a local farmers market popping up on our local borough and there is nothing better than filling your brown paper bag with freshly cut herbs or mushrooms.

Not only are you supporting the local farmers but there is something deeply satisfying about being able to pick up fresh produce and confidently know where it came from. In the UK and many other countries now, there is a growing trend for dishes created with ingredients sourced within walking distance.

5. Flower power

The nineties saw zucchini flowers hit the restaurant world with a vengeance, but since then little has happened using flowers in cuisine. That changed in 2017 when floral flavours and flourishes began to creep back onto menus. This trend is still rising, so expect to see more edible flowers, extracts, cordials and surprises on menus this year.

A firm favourite is the zucchini blossom: the bright yellow flowers of the courgette or zucchini plant have a delicate and slightly sweet taste. Why not experiment with this wonderful flavour and enjoy them on a pizza like this one below or the classic way, stuffed with herbs and goat cheese?

Food trends 2018

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Photos from veganliftz.com

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