What An Experiential Event Looks Like and How You Can Host Your Own

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By Ritesh Patel | Marketing Manager at The Mermaid London

Experiential events have become very popular in our industry. It’s seen as a high priority to ensure delegates are engaged and entertained. As an organiser, you want your event to be regarded as a success and leave a lasting impression. Here at The Mermaid London, we understand the need to incorporate this into planning, so we’ve looked into what an experiential event looks like and how you can host your own!

Spectacular experiential solutions on a large scale

We are constantly surrounded by experiential marketing. Some forms are very clever engagement methods and others are more clearly defined campaigns, but either way their effectiveness cannot be underestimated. I’ve listed two of my favourite examples below. These would have incurred a high budget, however the ripple effect worldwide and attention garnered meant spend was justified.  

1)   In November 2019, Argentine club Estudiantes de La Plata celebrated their first match in the stadium since 2005. In stunning fashion, ahead of the match, there was a spectacular AR display showcasing how technology can enhance experiential events. The event when viral. Guests were treated to an experience they would never forget

2)   This example from Volkswagen was a great idea that had an engaging and tangible element as well as a smart message behind it. It formed part of their fun theory campaign, essentially claiming that people are more likely to do something if it looks fun, regardless if it requires effort. Rather than a visual experience, audiences were made to feel included in the brand further making that experiential experience one to remember.

So, what kind of experiential event can you host at The Mermaid London?

The Mermaid London is a blank canvas venue in the City of London… and we don’t use the word blank canvas lightly. We allow you to completely take over with your ideas. Whether it’s painting walls or branding the entire venue to create experiential environments for guests. A few ideas to incorporate experiential aspects to your event may include:

1)   Guest participation. Inviting all guests to collaborate in creating a piece of artwork for example, can allow them to feel connected to your brand. You could choose to paint a masterpiece across our walls or opt for digital artwork or photos to create your brands’ logo that could be used across social media and in your post-event follow up.

2)   Demonstrations.

Holding demonstration areas that are interactive and effective allows guests to engage with your brand. VR and AR work perfectly for this. As an ever-changing industry, this is likely to grow exponentially over the coming years with ideas that exceed the norm. 

3)   Production. Our world-class event production partners White Light are here to help you incorporate experiential aspects into your event. After all, experience through visuals and sound is what they deal with day-to-day and what makes your event stand out.

4)   Dining. Experiential dining is a huge trend and our event catering partners, Kudos, will work with you to give your guests a lasting dining experience. A great example of this is Le Petit Chef’s world’s smallest chef that turns your plate into a projected grill:

Encouraging social engagement

The events industry has taught me to constantly look out for events that stand out and incorporate experiential aspects. From a venue’s perspective, one of my key aims is to showcase content that depicts the venue as THE place to experience something special, prompting guests to post on social media further increasing awareness. For organisers, hashtags are a great tool to follow communications online and allows you to engage with guests further showcasing your experiential event to wider audiences.

When it comes down to it, are we all really after the same thing?

I feel that we are all subconsciously looking for experiences in life, regardless of how much we shout about them. Going through something different or special and creating memories along the way allows us to look back and draw on for inspiration. When planning a corporate event, you may ask “how do I keep my delegates engaged?” How you answer that question will almost always include an element of experiential solutions, what that entails is entirely up to you, however we are here to help!   


If you’re looking to host an experiential event in London, then have a chat with our expert team to see how you can utilise The Mermaid London to create those lasting experiences for guests. 

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