General Statement of Covid Policy


The Mermaid London recognise that COVID-19 presents unique challenges and we will take all necessary steps to reduce the risk transmission.

We have identified the hazards associated with COVID-19 in the venue via a process of risk assessments and have implemented control measures to protect the welfare of our staff, customers and any other 3rd parties that visit The Mermaid London by following the standards and protocols issued by the UK government.

We will ensure that adequate resources are available to help protect all via the provision of hygiene equipment such as hand sanitising stations, signage and notices throughout the venue or
personal protective equipment should it be required.

All guests will be required to show evidence of a negative lateral flow or PCR test dated a maximum of 48 hours prior to attendance (reported on the UK government website and displayed via text or NHS app) or proof Of double vaccination no less than 14 days before attendance (displayed via NHS app or Website). All guests will have their temperature taken via our thermal imagining camera at the main entrance (the image can capture and detect up to 30 people and read at 0.2 of a second per person) or with a non contact thermometer at other entrances.

All staff will receive training in how to control and reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and will undertake refresher training on a regular basis.

We recognise that COVID-19 management is a continually evolving matter. We will monitor government and other agency advice and implement their best practice recommendations should they
differ from our own processes.

We will continue to employ the services of a third-party safety consultancy, currently Food Alert, and will regularly liaise with them to ensure that they keep us up to date with all best practice measures.

This policy, our procedures and our risk assessments are under continual review and we will revise their content regularly should the need arise.