COVID 19 Policy Statement


Safety is paramount for us here at The Mermaid London.

This guide will demonstrate how we aim to give you the confidence to host your event, by supplying you with the knowledge of our enhanced safety measures.

We have worked hard to lay out plans to make all parties involved feel both comfortable and safe to be a part of our events.

We will always do our part to tailor our procedures with a risk assessment suited to your event.



Regularly cleaning and sanitising all high touched areas; door handles, stair rails, etc

Extra bins located throughout the venue to allow the disposal of PPE and tissues.

Deep cleaning of all rooms, furniture and equipment

All highly touched areas will be cleaned after any transitioning periods, such as breakouts, lunch, etc. All staff members doing such will be wearing the required PPE, and disposing of all waste safely in a separate bin. This goes too for the collection of waste bins being used throughout the venue.

The chemicals we use to keep our venue clean are the same ones used in Hospitals, designed specifically towards the fight against bacteria and viruses on all locations in our venue.

Furthermore, we use an electrostatic sprayer to create a barrier on all our equipment and rooms, making each space safer for you. If requested, we are able to hand out a “PPE Pack” for delegates, containing a small bottle of hand sanitiser, 2 face masks and a pair of large vinyl/latex gloves*, (included in DDR)

*Can be changed to nitrile at increased cost for those allergic



All guests coming through our main entrance will have their temperatures taken through our thermal imaging camera. Anyone caught with a raised temperature of 38C will be asked to take a second reading, as this could be interpreted as feverish. Failing this, the guest(s) will be asked to leave and not be allowed further into the venue, for the safety of all others. Guests will also be required to check-in on the NHS test and trace app. We would advise that an online registration be set up and sent in advance to delegates, with relevant Q&A’s to assist with a smooth arrival and reduce any queueing or unnecessary lingering – other than where your breakouts are!

Masks should be warn except when in common breakout rooms, such as for lunch and coffee breaks.


Our cloakroom staff will be manned with facemasks and vinyl gloves, storing your items as safely as possible. It would strongly be advised to request that guests travel lighter than usual, not bringing large bags or several coats.

We can provide ancillary cloakroom space if appropriate.

Any deliveries being made by non-attendees will also require all involved to have their temperature checked, and to use the NHS test and trace app (further details follow).

It should be noted that The Mermaid staff will be advised to have reduced contact with such things, to further prevent any possible contamination



Our staff have taken further health and safety training on revised procedures to prepare for the return of events at The Mermaid London in line with the recognised Health and Safety company that we work with.

All staff are required to take a temperature test (as previously described) each day they’re on site.

Any member of staff, or if a household member exhibits symptoms, they will be required to self isolate for 10 days.



We will be operating a reduced capacity for all rooms, as per government guidelines including the appropriate social distancing.

Toilets will have signage stating the max number to enter at any given time.

We will use a one way route where appropriate and possible. If more than one event taking place we will do our best to ensure your event is isolated.

All rooms and key areas of use will have additional hand sanitiser available, such as entrances to rooms and outside our lifts.



Test and Trace

All guests who enter the building will be asked to check in using the NHS Test and Trace App. The lead organiser must complete our test and trace form for each day of the event, this can be accessed here:

A detailed contact list of all event attendees should be kept by the lead organiser for 21 days post-event, which must be presented to NHS Test and Trace should they encounter a new Covid-19 case.


We are always looking for new ways to improve and accommodate. If there are further requirements you feel are necessary for the success of your event and the safety of all involved, we would be happy to take steps to meet this


Key features of our approach:

  • No open food containers
  • Chefs prepare the food in full PPE
  • Cutlery will be pre-wrapped, compostable or wooden
  • All refreshments, pastries and cakes in individual packaging
  • Guests help themselves and queues are avoided where possible
  • Selected choices available with an emphasis on excellence
  • Keeping food to a minimum, supporting our ongoing commitment to reducing food waste
  • Guests will be marshalled up to collection points to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Screens where required for a buffet provision


One of our options is THE KUDOS HOT BOX

An alternative from the traditional “fork buffet” or “bowl food” service these main dishes are freshly prepared by our chefs on site and served in a recyclable pre-boxed solution.

We will work closely with all clients to tailor their catering offer according to their requirements, current restrictions and best practice to reassure clients and their guests in attendance.