Five superfoods to boost your conference productivity

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Now that Winter is in sight, we’ve worked with our catering partner KUDOS to give you the best foods and ingredients that’ll boost the productivity at your next conference or event, keeping your delegates alert and raring to go!

Matcha Tea

It’s time to ditch the coffee and offer matcha tea at your next conference.

With an average of 34mg caffeine and paired with amino acid theanine, a proven catalyst to improve focus, matcha has a third of the caffeine as a standard cup of coffee BUT offers the same boost that a coffee does for a prolonged period that doesn’t result in a sudden crash!

Did you know that not only is matcha great as a drink but it can be infused into foods too? Why not experiment and combine it with our signature energy balls for a source of slow releasing energy throughout the day?


It’s no secret that eating fish is great for your brain’s health, so adding salmon to your conference menu must be a no-brainer!

Full of omega-3, an essential fatty acid which is key to supporting the brains millions of neurons, salmon is an ideal choice for keeping your delegates focused throughout the day. Although it’s not always an obvious choice at conferences, salmon is highly commended for its abundance of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and we’d recommend adding it where you can.

Try adding salmon to your breakfast canapés with choices like breakfast bagels with cream cheese, salmon and dill – a firm favourite, or try one of our famed breadless sandwiches with sushi rice, omelette wraps and skinny rice crackers with plenty of salmon!


Not only are berries a real treat in the morning, they also serve as a great way to improve concentration.

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, berries are fantastic in increasing productivity. They offer a low glycaemic index which means that your delegates blood sugar stays constant, so they can avoid any sugar rushes and crashes, and plenty of antioxidant flavonoids that protect brain cells from oxidative damage.

Why not serve berry smoothies or try our breakfast pots packed with granola, fresh berries and seeds… we promise they’re berry nice!


If you’re hoping to host a productive conference, you can’t overlook oats!

A champion of slow-releasing energy, oats are essential for concentration. Oats offer a constant source of low GI carbohydrates that ensure delegates blood sugar stays stable, meaning there isn’t a sugar crash midway through the day. With the additional benefit of vitamin B, essential for producing energy, oats are a must-have choice on your conference menu. They can be served with Greek yoghurt and raspberry coulis or to keep the productivity going during break outs, try offering delicious golden flapjacks!

Brown Rice

Brown rice is the complex carbohydrate you should love!

With a substantial amount of magnesium and manganese, which helps to regulate the amount of blood reaching your cerebral cortex – a part of the brain which regulates your thoughts and actions, brown rice is essential in providing your brain with glucose to keep it running – perfect when processing large amounts of information.

Keep your delegates going during lunch with our hot fork menus that offer brown rice dishes. We recommend trying our chargrilled harissa salmon with lemon brown rice or our aromatic Thai green curry with lemon & ginger brown rice served with Thai basil.

If you’re looking for a London venue to host your next conference, why not choose our purpose-built Auditorium, the only 600-seated auditorium in the City of London. Contact the team today on 020 7236 1919 or email

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