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With constant innovations in event technology evolving week after week, it seems almost impossible to know exactly what technology you should be using that’s best for your event. So, we’ve looked into how you can decide what’s most suitable and how you can keep on top of all those trends and discussions happening in the event tech world.

Understanding your event objectives and goals, and your audience, are very important in determining what event tech you should be using. Ask yourself questions like; what do you want to accomplish? What do you really need? How tech-savvy are your audience? What’s your budget? – having this understanding can help you stay on top of event objectives and also choose event technology that will best affect your audience.

Straight from the horse’s mouth… as they say. Sometimes the fastest and most reliable way to understand what tech you need to use and how you should use it, is to attend a conference or summit that focuses on technology, such as the London Tech Week. As one of the biggest celebrations of tech, the festival, supported by the Mayor of London and London & Partners, share all the latest findings and insights into the ever-growing world of technology – giving you the perfect opportunity to scope out the latest trends.

We work closely with London & Partners on various projects, and follow their work so we can best support event bookers. During last year’s London Tech Week, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, stated that he had plans to transform London into the world’s leading smart city. We’re excited to see these plans develop and create new ways we can best implement the latest tech trends into our venue.

Another way to stay on top of the discussion is, you’ve guessed it… social media! We’re sure you’re using social media for your events and event planning, but are you really taking advantage of it? On Twitter alone, there are many opportunities for you to track what the events industry are talking about. Hashtags are KEY to staying connected and following the right discussions, and in our industry the most known hashtags like #eventprofs, #eventtech #eventtrends, #eventapps and #eventhour, are great to follow to keep track of breaking trends.

Utilise your resources and speak with the event team at the hosting venue as they know what you can and can’t do. Here at The Mermaid London, our in-house technical team White Light has an expert knowledge of the venue along with immediate access to the very latest technology. Having previously won awards for their innovative use of event tech, they work closely with all of our clients to offer a bespoke solution. Ultimately, do your research, establish your goals and just GO FOR IT!

Discover how you can use event technology at The Mermaid London on our AV page or by calling our team on 020 7236 1919.

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