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With display-technology evolving year-on-year, there are many innovative options to transform events with mind-blowing visual displays. At the current pace it’s developing, if you’re not paying attention you could miss out on key opportunities and trends.

Whether you want your event to be seen and heard or guests to become more engaged, it’s vital that your event is equipped with the latest and greatest technology to impress, which is why we’ve worked with our award-winning event production partner, White Light, to share our top lighting trends for 2019, so you can brighten up your next event in style.

Adding Value by Adopting More Creative Lighting

We’re seeing many more projects and events making use of the latest technologies to allow for remote controlled lighting and changing of colour and effects; allowing the same lighting fixture to fulfil a range of purposes. As venues and bookers seek commercial opportunities, lighting can be used to maximise event potential, increase delegate participation and engagement and help sell your event which, in turn, provides a competitive edge.

Photo credit - Six Day London

Photo credit – Six Day London

Lighting Designer vs Visual Designer 

Within events, the lighting designer’s role is blurring more towards that of a visual designer, due to a much larger toolkit of technology available.  Many events now incorporate video, projection, LED screens as well as automated and coloured lighting. As a result, the lighting designer becomes the glue that pulls these elements together as a cohesive visual design.

Immersive Technologies 

We mustn’t forget that one of the earliest immersive experiences is theatre, and thus theatre lighting as a tool can help manipulate the way we experience, see and interact with spaces, exhibits, environments and even people. Carefully-designed theatrical lighting will add huge value to an event, help you share your event story, enhance the overall atmosphere and promote emotive connections. Lighting can make or break an event. Ensuring clarity and visibility are of a high standard, maximises your event being seen and heard through your brand identity, event objectives and communication with your delegates, to name a few.

Wireless Technology 

More lighting equipment is being manufactured with wireless connectivity potential. This reduces the time it takes to install and increases the potential locations it can be used in.  Reduction in installation times leads to bottom-line savings for clients, making projects viable and ensures that maximum possible spend goes on the visual impact rather than the infrastructure and mechanics behind the effects.

To find out how you can transform your next event with lighting, contact our team today on 020 7236 1919 or email us at info@the-mermaid.co.uk.

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