Vegan Trends of 2019

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14th December 2018
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14th January 2019

Veganism is becoming mainstream. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat and as a result, are making more conscious decisions, not only for themselves but for the world around them. This has fuelled a demand for new vegan food trends, ingredients and innovative recipes.

As plant-based eating continues to rise, it’s important for event organisers and venues to become more aware of catering to these needs. So, since it’s Veganuary we’ve collated our top vegan food trends for 2019.

Just like Popeye the Sailor Man

The use of powdered superfoods is set to increase in 2019. Not only enriched with highly concentrated superfoods such as turmeric, açai, spinach and green tea, and contain health-boosting properties, but they can also be used to enhance the taste of dishes. We’re also seeing innovative chefs use these powders to add a signature touch to their delicious masterpieces, adding distinctive colours not only to enhance taste but presentation as well.

Charcoal is the new black

This has got to be as trendy as they come. Activated charcoal is one of the most innovative and healthy vegan food trends on the rise. It’s unique in how it can extract toxins from the body as well as its benefits to general well-being. If that’s not all, activated charcoal also lowers cholesterol and supports digestive health. So, it’s safe to say vegans can now look forward too many more companies introducing charcoal to food and drink, just like charcoal ice cream, smoothies and even pizza!

The mimicking mushrooms

Could 2019 be the year of the mushroom? Well since they can be disguised as a meat alternative, they could very well be placed on top. Mushrooms are a very versatile vegetable known for having a “meaty” texture. They’re also packed with great sources of fibre, protein and many vitamins which support the immune system.

Almond, cashew, oat, rice… take your pick

These days there are many milk options for vegans, especially plant-based milks, which are rising in popularity. The reason behind drinking such milks is no longer a case of dietary intolerances, but more due to the influence of plant-based diets on the general population.

Return of the fat

Fat is back on the scene! People are more aware of the types of food they need to fuel their lifestyle and some of those key nutrients are healthy fats. With options including avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds, there are many choices for vegans to add healthy fats into their diets.

The alternative burger

The increase of meat alternatives has paved way for vegan burgers to come onto the scene by force, with restaurants and supermarkets offering many different choices. So, it’s not surprising that innovative vegan burgers, made from plant-based proteins, are hitting the streets giving vegans something tasty and mouth-watering to feast on.

I’ll bring the dessert

Gone are the days of avoiding desserts as the time has come for delicious desserts, made without animal-based ingredients. Innovation in the market has meant there are now many substitutes for eggs and dairy that can recreate some of our favourite treats… and some say creative vegan dessert trends are increasing so watch the space!

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